Peter Parker drawing

Hey guys ! I’m back and I drew Tom Holland as peter Parker, I tried my best but I’m not too happy with it.

Peter Parker is Spider-Man, who is one of my fav superheroes from marvel !

I will probs try this again, I made this with colour pencils. Anyways I hoped y’all liked this! See you next time.. TOOODLLESSSS !!!

A New Character

Hey guys ! So I just finished an artwork, and it looks like a character from a book I’ve read! So here is .. Leo Valdez from Percy Jackson, heroes of Olympus!

Anyways I made this drawing using soft pastel, and then colour pencil in top! It looks pretty good but I would like your feedback to help improve it more!

So for anyone wondering Leo has fire powers and is very good at inventing things! He has a pretty humorous personality. So in this picture he has smoke from stuff he’s been making.

So I hope you like it ! Let me know if want me to do more ! Oh and the next power puff girls is on the way ! TOOOODLESSSS !!!!

Pen art

Hey guys ! So recently I drew this artwork of this guy, in red pen!

I really enjoyed the process, an I would like to do more similar! So what do you all think !?

Anyways what colour pen should I use next time !!? See you guys later… TOOODLLEESSSSSSSE!!!

New marker art!

Hey guys ! So this is a new drawing I made using my markers!

Please let me know what you think ! And so I made this with more different colours then usual. For example, I used more red in the skin and did some more shading !

Well I hope you enjoy ! Thanks and TOODLESSSSSSS

New sketches

Hello guys ! So I just wanted to learn more about drawing people and I realised that I never really draw the whole body.

So for the next few drawings I would like to try to draw full bodies of characters and not just the head.

Here are a few sketches I drew:

Power Puff Girls

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been able to post for a while. Anyways today I drew blossom from power puff girls!

I started off by sketching and then colouring it in, then I outlined it to finish it off. I created her in my own art style.

I hope you like it ! Comment down below is I should do bubbles or butter cup next !? TOOODLESSSS


Hey you guys! I’m back from Japan 🇯🇵 I really enjoyed my time there!

So I actually drew this watercolour artwork at my friends place. I reaaallly need to improve on my watercolour skills.

It’s another galaxy girl…. I seem to be obsessed with these 🙂 I didn’t really get time to do it properly however I tried my best!

Anyways I hope you like it and don’t forget to like and follow !! TOODLESSS!!!!!

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