Another piece of art!!

Another artwork…. I know!! This one was kind of an experiment, so I saw on the internet that baby oil blends color pencils really well. Before I tried it, I watched a youtube video to see if it was a good or bad idea. The youtube video though, had terrible results and bled through the paper!! But since I was brave enough to take the risk, I decided to give it a go! (what’s the worst thing that could go wrong?) So well I first drew it with a pencil and the sketch was good enough (I was just really excited to try it out really) Then I colored it in and finally tried the baby oil!

I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to used the baby oil as much as I did but, it did look okay and like water color pencils! I struggled with the hands a lot… they are hard to draw!! mine look more like sausages then fingers! But in the end I recommend if you do happen to try this out , Try using a thick paper and put some scrap paper underneath so if it does happen to bleed then it won’t damage your whole book. This isn’t really a manga or anime so keep that in mind…Hopefully one of the next posts will be either a clay creation or a needle felt! I am currently in process of making a needle felt!! soo yeah! hope you like it!:) TOODLES



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