Vampire – Haaaloweeen Pt.1

I am really sorry for not posting for a while, I have been a bit busy… BUT I have created numerous new artworks and drawings that me,myself and I would like to share with you!!
SO this is a vampire that I drew. She has an incredible backstory of which I am going to share with you! But before I get to that I am going to list what I used to make this drawing:
An extrodinarliy hard paper rough trees from the woods of blood
A pencil sharp but steady made from witches fingernails crushed to form graphite like texture
and a pen .. a haunted pen from the ghosts deepest darkest basements
Ok! you get it ! but here goes the story! If your too lazy to read skip ahead to the picture

One rainy dark day at north flowers highschool,a girl with a rather grubbly torn uniform, messed up, frizzly hair and dirty shoes , was found collecting rats and small critters from behind the school. Now, she was a very weird and strange girl,Everyone thought she was disturbed in one way or another, some even thought she was physco and needed to get some help!!

And one week before a bus driver had complained about her staying in the bus all day long until midnight, and refusing to get off! and before that she had been hanging up rocks with a rather odd glow around the gates or the school! but what this all meant… not a single soul knew.

One cloudy and gloomy evening she did something crazy… she drank human blood…”rats” she sneered violently,”they don’t taste as good as humans do they?” she hissed with a hint of pure evilness then with a high cold laugh , and a horrifying scream,she had created another, a another monster .. a vampire…
i hope you liked the story !!
I will continue it in my next post (it won’t be too long) ok so heres the picture:)20170927_013011053_iOS

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