Borax crystals

Hi guys and welcome back to the SillyGoose blog !! So I recently made a craft that I saw on Pinterest and found it so so mesmerising! They are called borax crystals It’s really cool 👍

So the thing is about borax crystals is that they are not only soooo pretty but really easy to make at home.


Borax powder


Food Colour (optional )

Pipe cleaners


Stick/ pencil

Something to mix with/in

So the first step is to make a base shape with the pipe cleaner and attach it to a pencil with some string and put it in the borax solution (borax solution down below )

Borax solution:

Fill a large bowl or container in hot boiling water and pour a lot and a lot of borax powder, you need like a truckload of borax! And then dissolve it in make sure that it’s dissolved completely or it might not work. You can now add in your food colouring along with the pipe cleaner base.

The next step is to simply wait overnight or 8 hours! So here is how mine turned out it’s not perfect but I still tried !

I hope you liked it !! Comment down below and like the post if you did!

My request will be in the next post!!

Have a great day/night.. TOODLES !!

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