New Colour Theme!

Hello ! And welcome back to the SillyGoose blog! I made this marker artwork today. I’m going to start a new thing beginning today called ‘colour theme’. How it works is that I am going to blindfold myself and select a colour from my marker collection, then I have to use that marker to colour a marker art!

Please note that I may not do this every time I make a marker art only sometimes.

So today’s colour is ……..Brown!! I like this colour because it reminds me of chocolate and I love chocolate! It also reminds me of other things that I don’t want to say…. Anyways let’s move on.

The drawing I created today was a girl with coffee brown hair and coco coloured eyes, She has a tan skin tone and wears a pink scarf! I hope you like it !! Let me know what you think and also share what colour theme you think it will be next time in the comments!! Don’t forget to like… TOODLES !!!!!!

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