Letters, Niche and the 80’s

So I decided to use proper grammar and capital letters again for my blog posts specifcally so here I am. Normally, I prefer lower cased letters for aesthetic purposes, I suppose. Anyway, I decided to start posting again so expect me more, but like, don’t too much cause you may get dissapointed. Alright so, I’ve been fully in love with the show ‘Stranger Things’ lately, and I have a weird new obsession with the 80’s for some reason, maybe because I’ve been watching a lot of 80’s films such as the full ‘Back To The future’ series, and my music taste revolves largely around 80’s pop, whatever the reason, It’s great. Okay, so I’ve made a lot of new niche memes actually but I’ve been posting them on instagram @sherry.niche.fatima, but here is a bunch from those. Again, my style with niche memes has also changed.

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