Hey guys! I’m back with another post! soo recently went to Tasmania, and it was really cool there with the penguins and shops but also when I was there I did do a few drawings and I’d like to share this one with you!

So me and my friend were doing this drawing challenge, where we had to pick a topic for example ‘cat’ and we would draw something related to a cat with only the art supplies we had.  This time the theme was ‘space’ and so when I first read that word, the idea of planets flew into my mind, and so did the solar system and of course, a galaxy. Originally I had planned to color this piece in galactic colors but then I decided that it would look better without.

Anyways let me know what you all think, do you want more of this type of content or something different!? Also criticism is welcome, well that’s all for this post TOOODLESS!!!!!!


Realistic digital art

Hey guys ! So yesterday I made a digital artwork. In my opinion it’s a pretty good improvement!

I am realllyy happy with this one because it looks better than anyone that I have created so far.

If you want the full process of the drawing, I may do that in future posts;

Well thats all for today ! I hope you like it! TOODLES !!!

Colour theme no.2

Hey guys !! So I have finally created a second colour theme marker art thingy today, And so the colour was……Dark Brillant Blue!!

As soon as I saw this amazing colour I immediately thought of mermaids because my friends and I were discussing sirens and mermaids at school so it seemed relevant to the Color blue !!

So here is the drawing ! I hope you liked it! Comment down below, what you think the colour will be next time; thanks to the people who did so last week I appreciate it 🙂 I hope you like it TOODLES!!!!!

The woods and the portal

Here is some new marker art that I made recently. It is about a lost girl who enters an alternative dimension and learns something new …So without further ado let’s begin the tale ..( if you want the pictures just skip ahead although it won’t be too long )

The little girl hurried into the deep dark forest , careful not to be seen. A spark of light burst out somewhere in the distance! She ran forward. Curiosity had gotten the best of her. She stopped in awe… A gigantic portal , the size of the house . Stood there illuminating the woods ! It was so bright so mysterious.. she had nothing to loose she jumped..All that was left was her scarf ….

Okay I know this was a little lame but I felt like it needed a backstory so yeah .. anyways here is the picture I think it’s pretty good it’s the first time I made a side view in a while soo yep 👍

I hope you like it !! Leave a suggesting in the comments down below !! Don’t forget to like ! Toodles !!!!

Learning to colour dodge !

So here is a new digital artwork ! I know I just posted one yesterday but I just felt like I wanted to make a new one, So I did! and this one is diffrent to the others that I like to make ! I added some extra details and I learnt to use colour dodge!! which adds some extra glow and brightness! I really liked the effects! I also added a backround kind of thing! I think it turned out nice ! what do you think?! like and comment below if you do!! TOODLES!!
color dodge

New digital art !!

Hello !! I finally made a new digital art !! So this was very unexpected to draw really .. I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted to draw but I wasn’t sure it was going to end up that way . Anyways I was going for a girl with a warm skin tone and face and a cool hair colour and eyes, I basically had a plan of what I wanted to put on the canvas . But since I got so excited to colour, I made a really rough and messy sketch which didn’t really go too well with the colours on top. Soo yeah. Also for the hair I kind of rushed but that’s okay ! I learned to use shading and blend without the blur tool ! So it was actually just a learning experience for me! I really want to get better at drawing and painting digitally so yeah . She turned out completely different than what I expected her to look like !! So without further ado I will show you the painting !!

Hope you liked it !! Comment down some new art or craft suggestions I could draw or try !! TOODLES !!

Glasses gang no.2!!!!

Okay,So I have finished this girl, I know she doesn’t have glasses but she loves to wear contacts !! she is very colorful and has a bright personailty!

Name- Sugar Spongecake
Age- 15
likes- rainbows
dislikes – expired milk

So what do you think!? and there is a christmas special coming soon so stay tuned!!!

glasses gang no.2

Glasses gang No.1

So you might be wondering what I mean by the ‘Glasses Gang”, Well its a group of new characters made by me, so here is the first one! so this is a little character profile I made for her !

NAME- Cherry Cinnamon
AGE- 16 or something
LIKES- Hot chocolate
DISLIKES- The smell of toothpaste

I hope you like this character,I am going to post the rest of her gang in my future posts. Sooo enjoy!

girl with glasses

Vampire – Haaaloweeen Pt.1

I am really sorry for not posting for a while, I have been a bit busy… BUT I have created numerous new artworks and drawings that me,myself and I would like to share with you!!
SO this is a vampire that I drew. She has an incredible backstory of which I am going to share with you! But before I get to that I am going to list what I used to make this drawing:
An extrodinarliy hard paper rough trees from the woods of blood
A pencil sharp but steady made from witches fingernails crushed to form graphite like texture
and a pen .. a haunted pen from the ghosts deepest darkest basements
Ok! you get it ! but here goes the story! If your too lazy to read skip ahead to the picture

One rainy dark day at north flowers highschool,a girl with a rather grubbly torn uniform, messed up, frizzly hair and dirty shoes , was found collecting rats and small critters from behind the school. Now, she was a very weird and strange girl,Everyone thought she was disturbed in one way or another, some even thought she was physco and needed to get some help!!

And one week before a bus driver had complained about her staying in the bus all day long until midnight, and refusing to get off! and before that she had been hanging up rocks with a rather odd glow around the gates or the school! but what this all meant… not a single soul knew.

One cloudy and gloomy evening she did something crazy… she drank human blood…”rats” she sneered violently,”they don’t taste as good as humans do they?” she hissed with a hint of pure evilness then with a high cold laugh , and a horrifying scream,she had created another, a another monster .. a vampire…
i hope you liked the story !!
I will continue it in my next post (it won’t be too long) ok so heres the picture:)20170927_013011053_iOS

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