New digital art !!

Hello !! I finally made a new digital art !! So this was very unexpected to draw really .. I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted to draw but I wasn’t sure it was going to end up that way . Anyways I was going for a girl with a warm skin tone and face and a cool hair colour and eyes, I basically had a plan of what I wanted to put on the canvas . But since I got so excited to colour, I made a really rough and messy sketch which didn’t really go too well with the colours on top. Soo yeah. Also for the hair I kind of rushed but that’s okay ! I learned to use shading and blend without the blur tool ! So it was actually just a learning experience for me! I really want to get better at drawing and painting digitally so yeah . She turned out completely different than what I expected her to look like !! So without further ado I will show you the painting !!

Hope you liked it !! Comment down some new art or craft suggestions I could draw or try !! TOODLES !!

New marker Art

So recently my mom got me a 80 set of alcohol based markers ! The thing about these markers Is that they are different to water based ,normal markers. They blend super well and also have the ability to layer. The ones I got are called Touch Me markers , they are alcohol based.

So anyways the markers are really amazing and easy to use . The colours are a bit confusing because sometimes the colour on the lid is different from the actual marker itself . Another thing is that there is no brush nib , which is sad , but it’s something you can live without. Apart from that the markers blend really well and layering is great ! But you also need to buy special breed proof paper. So anyways here is the drawings!! These are most of the good drawings coloured with markers ! P.s – I did not draw the flower I just coloured it .

Girl drawing

I drew this girl with colour pencil. She has a similar hairstyle to me and wears a long scarf, I finally learned how to colour skin properly, and I wanted to work on the expression . I think it turned out nice , what do you think? Leave a like and comment below !!

Spider drawing 🕷🕸

So new year is over , and now it’s back to the usual art and craft but now It is my goal to post 2-3 times a week so yeah anyways …I had drawn this spider a few days ago . It was made with colour pencil

It was actually inspired by a YouTuber I really like who drew a spider too , and I felt like I needed a break from drawing digitally and drawing people and anime.

So then I got out my sketch book and started sketching, for this I actually needed very pigmented colour pencils and also you needed to put shadows ,Otherwise it wouldn’t look so good or realistic .. and about half and hour later the spider was done !!

What do you think ?? Leave a like and comment below !!

Glasses gang no.2!!!!

Okay,So I have finished this girl, I know she doesn’t have glasses but she loves to wear contacts !! she is very colorful and has a bright personailty!

Name- Sugar Spongecake
Age- 15
likes- rainbows
dislikes – expired milk

So what do you think!? and there is a christmas special coming soon so stay tuned!!!

glasses gang no.2

Digital art !

I am really excited to share this artwork with you!! This drawing took me a while to complete, I actually really enjoyed the process. I actually much prefer painting digitally rather than painting real life! Some of the reasons why : you dont have to wait for anything ,just select a new layer! and if you make a mistake theres less chaos! sooo yeah ! and there will be a new type of art introduced in my next post, so stay tuned! And probably the rest of the glasses gang will be shown in a new post coming soon! And so here’s the artwork !What do you think!?


Glasses gang No.1

So you might be wondering what I mean by the ‘Glasses Gang”, Well its a group of new characters made by me, so here is the first one! so this is a little character profile I made for her !

NAME- Cherry Cinnamon
AGE- 16 or something
LIKES- Hot chocolate
DISLIKES- The smell of toothpaste

I hope you like this character,I am going to post the rest of her gang in my future posts. Sooo enjoy!

girl with glasses

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