Learning Calligraphy

Hello guys ! how are you? So recently I bought this Crayola calligraphy set. I actually didn’t know that Crayola made these kinds of things, I’m kinda surprised, there was even a blending marker set which was cool but I didn’t get it. Anyway I was really excited to use this set, it came with 8 colored markers, 2 brush tip markers, 2 gel pens, an instruction guide and also a tutorial book kind of thing with practice sheets and things.

So at first I started off with practicing letters and brush strokes, then as I progressed I started writing sentences, from then on I learnt more and more! However my writing is still really uneven and wonky which I’m working and practicing on.

I’m still not very good but I’m learning, here are a few pieces that I’ve made so far;

Anyway, that’s all for you guys today! I’ll keep ya’ll updated on my progress! Happy Halloween by the way! (there might be a Halloween special coming up :0) TOOODLESSS!!

Sleeping Beauty

Hello! so like 2 weeks ago, at school I made this drawing and it ended up looking up like princess aurora! (sleeping beauty)

P.S- please don’t mind my hurricane of questions  down there lol

So what do you think? I’m still learning how to do a 3/4 view but I can see that I have definitely improved. Do you want me to do other Disney princesses/ princes ? I’ve already done belle and now aurora. Oh and one more thing do you guys prefer longer posts or shorter ones? (-I don’t mind doing either)

So yeah that’s all, see you guys next time TOOOODLESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!




Hey guys! I’m back with another post! soo recently went to Tasmania, and it was really cool there with the penguins and shops but also when I was there I did do a few drawings and I’d like to share this one with you!

So me and my friend were doing this drawing challenge, where we had to pick a topic for example ‘cat’ and we would draw something related to a cat with only the art supplies we had.  This time the theme was ‘space’ and so when I first read that word, the idea of planets flew into my mind, and so did the solar system and of course, a galaxy. Originally I had planned to color this piece in galactic colors but then I decided that it would look better without.

Anyways let me know what you all think, do you want more of this type of content or something different!? Also criticism is welcome, well that’s all for this post TOOODLESS!!!!!!


Peter Parker drawing

Hey guys ! I’m back and I drew Tom Holland as peter Parker, I tried my best but I’m not too happy with it.

Peter Parker is Spider-Man, who is one of my fav superheroes from marvel !

I will probs try this again, I made this with colour pencils. Anyways I hoped y’all liked this! See you next time.. TOOODLLESSSS !!!

A New Character

Hey guys ! So I just finished an artwork, and it looks like a character from a book I’ve read! So here is .. Leo Valdez from Percy Jackson, heroes of Olympus!

Anyways I made this drawing using soft pastel, and then colour pencil in top! It looks pretty good but I would like your feedback to help improve it more!

So for anyone wondering Leo has fire powers and is very good at inventing things! He has a pretty humorous personality. So in this picture he has smoke from stuff he’s been making.

So I hope you like it ! Let me know if want me to do more ! Oh and the next power puff girls is on the way ! TOOOODLESSSS !!!!

Pen art

Hey guys ! So recently I drew this artwork of this guy, in red pen!

I really enjoyed the process, an I would like to do more similar! So what do you all think !?

Anyways what colour pen should I use next time !!? See you guys later… TOOODLLEESSSSSSSE!!!

New marker art!

Hey guys ! So this is a new drawing I made using my markers!

Please let me know what you think ! And so I made this with more different colours then usual. For example, I used more red in the skin and did some more shading !

Well I hope you enjoy ! Thanks and TOODLESSSSSSS

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