Realistic digital art

Hey guys ! So yesterday I made a digital artwork. In my opinion it’s a pretty good improvement!

I am realllyy happy with this one because it looks better than anyone that I have created so far.

If you want the full process of the drawing, I may do that in future posts;

Well thats all for today ! I hope you like it! TOODLES !!!

Beauty and the beast

Hey guys! So I made this really cool artwork of belle from beauty and the beast! She is one of my favourite Disney princesses and well I decided to draw her!

This drawing is in a side view, I did it in colour pencil. I started out with a light layer of green and adding on top with yellow, red and more skin tones!

So I hope you enjoy it I think it turned out super pretty πŸ‘Don’t forget to like and comment what you think !!! TOODLESSSS!!!

Apple drawing

Hey guys, So yesterday I drew this apple using colour pencil!

I made it with a lot of colours Such as dark blue, green, yellow, orange, brown and of course red!

Now you might be wondering: what ? Why?! Well this is needed because it makes the drawing more bright and realistic I guess then if I just used red.

Anyways I think it turned out great πŸ‘ comment down below whether you think I should do a tutorial next or another colour pencil drawing, See you next time….. TOODLESSS!!!!!!!!

The Warm Galaxy

Hello, and welcome to the SillyGoose blog! Today I drew this awesome galaxy girl with pen!

I think it looks really nice and it turned out really pretty. I am trying new expressions and this one was.. Well let’s call this the ‘serious’ face:)

Anyways I hope you enjoy it! Comment down below and more face expressions I should do next.. See ya later TOODLES!!!!

Colour theme no.2

Hey guys !! So I have finally created a second colour theme marker art thingy today, And so the colour was……Dark Brillant Blue!!

As soon as I saw this amazing colour I immediately thought of mermaids because my friends and I were discussing sirens and mermaids at school so it seemed relevant to the Color blue !!

So here is the drawing ! I hope you liked it! Comment down below, what you think the colour will be next time; thanks to the people who did so last week I appreciate it πŸ™‚ I hope you like it TOODLES!!!!!

Updating site

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I am changing the look of my blog, the logo and the style.

So there may be a few changes in these few weeks but I will still be posting the same stuff !


(Collage made from piccollage

New Colour Theme!

Hello ! And welcome back to the SillyGoose blog! I made this marker artwork today. I’m going to start a new thing beginning today called ‘colour theme’. How it works is that I am going to blindfold myself and select a colour from my marker collection, then I have to use that marker to colour a marker art!

Please note that I may not do this every time I make a marker art only sometimes.

So today’s colour is ……..Brown!! I like this colour because it reminds me of chocolate and I love chocolate! It also reminds me of other things that I don’t want to say…. Anyways let’s move on.

The drawing I created today was a girl with coffee brown hair and coco coloured eyes, She has a tan skin tone and wears a pink scarf! I hope you like it !! Let me know what you think and also share what colour theme you think it will be next time in the comments!! Don’t forget to like… TOODLES !!!!!!

Realistic eye

I tried to draw a realistic eye. This is actually far better than I expected to make so that’s great ! I actually drew this eye with lead, black and white pencil. This took soooo many layers but it came off good in the end !! I used some help with reference photos online and I think it turned out pretty nice πŸ‘ let me know what you think by commenting down below !! TOODLES!!

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