The pen Challenge !

I love doing challenges, I like how you are limited to a specific medium or tool and you can create something beautiful, just out of that one pencil or pen or whatever!. I decided to go for a more difficult one; The pen challenge! the reason it’s hard is because if you make a mistake…Oops!! you can’t fix it! there is no undo button and just forget about erasers! This was quite hard but I still made something really nice in the end!! So this is the enchantress of the woods …Also known as Aqua the flower elf!! If you want to hear the back story keep reading, if not skip ahead for the picture!!
Alright, here goes the story…
NOTE- This is not going to be a proper story (I plan to be an artist not an author)
So Aqua was busy picking jelly berries which were sweet and juicy but if you drop them in water they start leaking ooey goo which if the get stuck on you, you have to get a special, expensive treatment. So Aqua being the clumsy elf she was ,dropped all of them and they rolled into the silver moon lake! And like any normal person decided to go and save them so she jumped into the water and BAAMMM!! the berries exploded on her! she collapsed to the ocean floor… and then all she could see was moonlight.. and clouds filling the sky . Perplexed, she swam upwards and to her surprise, night animals; Owls, turtles raccoons ,possums and deers!! And fire flies! It was magical and then she turned her head to reveal… wings! and she was wearing a floaty big dress..
And now she was the enchantress of the woods
she was supposed to have animals around her but my pen ran out of ink and I got a little lazy
hope you ejoyed the back story!:-)

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