The woods and the portal

Here is some new marker art that I made recently. It is about a lost girl who enters an alternative dimension and learns something new …So without further ado let’s begin the tale ..( if you want the pictures just skip ahead although it won’t be too long )

The little girl hurried into the deep dark forest , careful not to be seen. A spark of light burst out somewhere in the distance! She ran forward. Curiosity had gotten the best of her. She stopped in awe… A gigantic portal , the size of the house . Stood there illuminating the woods ! It was so bright so mysterious.. she had nothing to loose she jumped..All that was left was her scarf ….

Okay I know this was a little lame but I felt like it needed a backstory so yeah .. anyways here is the picture I think it’s pretty good it’s the first time I made a side view in a while soo yep šŸ‘

I hope you like it !! Leave a suggesting in the comments down below !! Don’t forget to like ! Toodles !!!!

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